Craving Pizza? Check Out These 6 Fantastic Spots in Charlotte, NC

February 12th, 2021 by

When pizza is what you want, Charlotte has you covered. These fantastic spots all have their specialties, so there is something perfect for everyone. Choose one and take your family out for something irresistible. No matter what you choose, you and your family will eat well and have a great time.

1. Room & Board

This great restaurant is a fun alternative when you want to try something new. Here they feature the Detroit-style pie. That means the sauce is on top of the cheese, and the crust is thick and chewy. Give it a try, and it might just become your favorite.

2. Benny Pennello’s

You’ll love the modern vibe of this popular location. Even the outside of the building is modern and cool. The music is loud, and the atmosphere is like a party. It’s a fun stop with kids, and the pie is excellent. Slices are huge, so don’t order too many.

3. Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

The classic brick oven is what gives this spot its distinctive taste. Order one of the many specialty options, or try a classic slice of cheese. You can’t go wrong here. They pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients. Take the family on kids’ night to save some cash when kids’ meals are half price.

The lunch buffet is good for a mid-day meal on the go. You get slices, salad, pasta, and drink for $9.

4. Intermezzo Pizzeria & Café

This high-end joint is more than just a place to find a great pie. You will find a menu full of fantastic foods created by talented owners. Also, check out the part of the menu that features classic Serbian dishes. You’ll want to try the cajun shrimp and stuffed peppers along with other mouth-watering choices on the menu.

Be sure to take home a pie to go. You won’t want to miss the crust and sauce at this location.

5. Portofino’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

This is the destination for a gourmet pie made by artisans. The specialty here is the meatball topping; a nod to Italy. Even if you aren’t into the traditional pie, you will find something to love on a menu that includes pasta, salad, and other choices.

6. Brixx Wood Fired

There are so many choices on the menu at Brixx that you will have to keep coming back to try them all. The barbecue chicken is always a hit, but you can’t go wrong with a slice of pepperoni and cheese. Also, try the Tuscan soup, and wash it down with a local craft beer if you are over 21. Please drink responsibly and don’t drive after drinking.

You are sure to find more than one favorite at these restaurants. Whether you are picking up a pie for the family or heading out for a quick slice, stop at South Charlotte Chevy for a selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs that can take you to every restaurant on the list.

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